Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy

Make cleaning your dog's teeth a breeze with this innovative chew toy. This toy has been designed to carefully clean your dog's teeth while they play with it. The rubber bristles gently remove plaque and buildup, keeping your dog's teeth healthy and their breath fresh.  The chew toy is available in three sizes, making it great for dogs of any size. Your dog will love the new toy and you'll love knowing you're helping them maintain their health.

Item Type:Pet Toy

Toys Type:Chew Toy
Color: Blue or Green
Feature: Extremely Durable

Please Choose Appropriate size for your pet

Size(S):8.3*11.7*3.8 cm/ 3.28"*4.64"*1.5"
Weight(S):80 g
Size(M):10*14.5*4.8 cm/ 4.03"*5.71"*1.9"
Weight(M):149 g
Features: Fun interactive toy that also cleans your dogs teeth as they play, this best selling item is the perfect combination of fun and practical.

Package Include:
1 x chew toy

Model Credit: @_vita_vida_vie

Model Credit: @emma_rose_the_fancy_frenchie

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