Slow Feeding Training Bowl


Concerned about your pet's eating habits? This slow feeding training bowl conditions them to balance their feeding with their body's health and needs. Hosts many benefits such as increasing optimal digestion, slowing down the feeding time, and increasing weight loss. The circular design is meant to psychologically condition your pet to want to be at their best with regards to their diet. Grab one or more for each pet and become the best pet parent that you were meant to be!

Product Description

 This extremely durable training bowl helps slow your pup down while eating, this reduces their chances of improper digestion and upset stomach while also teaching them self control. The minimalistic design looks great in your home.





1. The maze design can slow down the eating speed to prevent the dog from choking.


2. The slow feeder can help the pet to promote digestion and prevent bloating and discomfort and prevents obesity.


3. The non-slip bottom can let your dog or cat eat in the stable environment and prevent accidents.


4. High-quality material and exquisite craft, the bowl is also made with safe materials and is harmless for pets and has a long life.


5. There are three colors for you to choose from




Package Include:

1 x bowl

Model Credits: @auggiethedoggie007








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