Reflective Anti-Slip Dog Boots

Type: Pets

Winter weather brings ice, salt, and other debris onto the sidewalks. Keep your dog's paws safe from the drying effects of salty roadways with these adorable anti-slip booties. Each boot features reflective strips to help maintain high visibility on evening walks. You'll love avoiding a house filled with wet paw prints and will love knowing that you're keeping your dog's paws safe from the elements. 

Save your dog's paws from the cold, wet winter streets by dressing them in these cute and comfortable boots! with easy to adjust velcro straps and cotton lining, your dog will love strutting around in these. Available in bright colors with reflective stripes for the night, your dog will be happy and comfortable. You can say goodbye to wet paws in the house and rest assured that your pooch is warm and safe!

Material: 100% Cotton

Type: Dogs

Colors: Black, Green ,Pink

Features: Anti Slip, Reflective,Breathable

Sizes: S,M,L,XL

Applicable Breeds: Cats ,Small Dogs