Plush Bone Squeaky Toy

Type: Toys

How can you have a dog and not have a chew toy? Or several, in fact? These amazing, fun, durable 7.8 by 4,3 inch toys are the perfect size for the most popular dog breeds. Buy several, and watch your beloved pets toss and throw these squeaking marvels to and fro as they get all the exercise that your vet wants them to have.

Dogs won't be able to resist the lovable appeal of these cute bone shaped squeaking toys. Keep them entertained for hours, and make their time in the house that much more fun. Comes in various shapes and sizes, you'll always keep your dog intrigued and entertained. They're easy to wash and cute enough to lay around the house.

Mode Credit: @austiethedood


Toys Type: Chew Toys

Size: 20 cm/7.87"*11 cm/4.33"