Pet Umbrella


Wet dog fur can be a real struggle sometimes, but we don't really get to pick when our dogs need to 'go'. This pet umbrella is a great solution for pet owners who won't want to have to dry their dog off after every walk! It provides protection from the rain and elements and is made of clear plastic so you can always keep an eye on your pup!


This pet umbrella with built-in Leash, simply hook the built-in leash to the collar, can keep the dog dry, clean and comfortable in the rain, sleet, and snow. Transparent umbrella body is convenient to view your pet while walking.
100% Brand New & High Quality
Designed especially for pets.
Material: transparent PE Plastic+Metal
Diameter: 75cm
Whole length: 90cm nclude Iron Chain
Built-in leash hook: 27cm
Recommended Pets' Size: within 60cm

Model Credit @stanleythecockapoo

What You Get:
1  Pet Umbrella with built-in leash