Anxiety Reducing Pet Bed - Ottoman Style


Providing your pet a space that's truly theirs is a great way to make them feel more comfortable at home and experience less anxiety. These ottoman style pet beds are perfect for providing an anxiety-reducing space for your pet that they're sure to love. Each bed is made of super soft fuzzy material that pets love to snuggle into. They're available in a wide selection of colors and sizes and look great in any room of your house.

Top Rated pet bed in the United States 2019

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Stylish ottoman inspired pet bed is comfortable and easy to wash, the warm material reduces anxiety as they feel secure and safe with the nest technology insuring they get to sleep quickly and comfortably. This bed will quickly become their new favourite place. Stylish in design it looks modern and trendy in any room.

Made of long plush, super soft and super warm.
Comfortable touch, 3 cm long plush hair, pets love to sleep on it.
Pure colour with cute design, it is a nice looking bed.
Portable and lightweight.
Easy to clean and wash.
Non-toxic material with no smell, pets will easily adjust to it.

Material: Long Plush
Colors: Pink, Gray, Beige
Sizes: S Diameter 40cm
M Diameter 50cm
L Diameter 60cm
XL Diameter70cm

Package Included:
1 x Pet Round Bed