Jewelled Leather Collar

Type: Other

A stylish collar for your favorite princess! These stunning and fashionable dog collars are like a work of art. Embellished with beautiful flowers and rhinestone bling, they're the perfect choice for the tiny fur diva in your life who wants something special and nice for everyday occasions and parties! Fun and colorful, these collars make a great gift and can be used as a daily collar! 

For the four-legged princess in your home, a bejewelled collar is only fitting. This leather collar is adjustable and bedazzled in beautiful floral jewels for the diva in your home. In four different colors and various sizes, this collar is perfect for the burgeoning pup or the adult dog of any size. 

Type: Dogs

Type: Collars

Pattern: Floral

Material: Leather

Color: White,Light Red,Blue,Black

Feature: Adjustable

Size(S): 1.3*34cm/0.51"*13.38"

Size(M): 1.3*42cm/0.51"*16.53"

Unfortunately we are unable to ship to US territories such as Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, Samoa, and Northern Mariana Islands.