Fashionista Pet Bandana


You love to be fashionable but why shouldn't your pets have the same fun? Make  your dog or dogs look their highly stylish best with this fun and cheerful necktie. Comfortable to wear it can be worn in place of a collar or alongside one. Your dog will look great and draw admiring glances from fellow dog owners wherever you happen to go!

The perfect, trendy bandana you've been looking for. Made with care and easy styling and washing makes this every pet-parent's favourite new accessory. Fold in multiple fashionable styles and get one in every colour for every occasion!

Size: L*W: 45*45cm (17.72*17.72in)

Type: Plaid, Flower, Star, Dot
Package Includes: 1 x Pet Bandana


Model Credit:@golden_bros_

Model Credit:@_xsnowbellex

Model Credit: @kanerandfynn

Model Credit: @viszlapupbeau

Model Credit: @fairythecorgi

Model Credit: @scruffyarmy

Model Credit: @dexter_and_casper_cats