Corner Comb Pet Brush

Type: Petcare

What does a cat love to do more than anything? Groom itself! You've definitely had your share of brushing your pet, so why not give them something where they can do it themselves? Attach this comb to a corner and watch the fun begin as they rub and stroke their furry bodies against it to get rid of that pesky sheddings. The comfortable plastic bristles keep them busy for hours.

If there's one feat we love about cats, its that they're self-sufficient and clean. For fluffy cats, it can be aggravating to clean up all of their winter fluff and give them the affection they need. This corner Comb is easily clipped to any corner or doorway so your cat can take care of it on her own. Made of sturdy yet soft bristles, you can forget about fur balls and hair tumbleweeds around the house. 

Toys Type: Brush

Material: Plastic

Type: Cats

Style: Cat Toy

Describe: Cats Hair